Grinding container volume of 2 litres:

The Nano Performance Mill, the DYNO®-MILL NPM, is used for continuous dispersion and wet grinding of low-viscosity products in the nanometre range.

The unique grinding bead separating system permits the use of ultrafine grinding beads with a diameter of 0.05-0.2 mm, and the patented DYNO® accelerators ensure stable processing even at the maximum throughput.

Download Leaflet:    The product range of the DYNO ® -MILL ECM in outline

DYNO®-MILL NPM-Function  

  1. DYNO® accelerators made of hardened chrome alloy or zirconium oxide
  2. Product inlet / grinding bead inlet
  3. Coolable grinding container with grinding cylinder made of silicon carbide or zirconium oxide
  4. Dynamic separation system for use of grinding beads with a diameter of 0.05-0.2 mm
  5. Product outlet
  6. Grinding bead circulation

Download Datasheet:    The product range of the DYNO ® -MILL ECM in outline


Handling with low operating and maintenance costs

The DYNO®-MILL NPM has been carefully thought-out and can be precisely adapted to suit every user’s need. Operation, cleaning and opening for maintenance work are comfortable and user-friendly. The components have smooth surfaces and are designed for fast access, enabling cleaning with the smallest possible quantity of solvent/fluid.


Features of the DYNO®-MILL NPM – Nano Performance Mill

  • Patented DYNO® accelerators ensure powerful, hydraulic movement of the grinding beads and guarantee high and uniform energy input for low-viscosity products
  • Unique, dynamic separating system for stable retaining of the finest grinding beads with a diameter of 0.05 to 0.2 mm
  • Ideal for passage and recirculation processes with constant efficiency and achievement of the narrowest possible particle size distribution
  • Guaranteed long service life as a result of using components made of high-quality engineered ceramics
  • Low power consumption thanks to efficient energy input (kWh/kg of product)
  • Small process volume and ideal cooling properties permit processing of temperature-sensitive products
  • Gentle processing as a result of hydrodynamic movements
  • Easy operation, recording of operational data and guaranteed reproducibility by means of the modern WAB-VIEW process control system
  • Simple cleaning with small quantities of cleaning detergents, easy handling with low operation and maintenance costs thanks to the smooth design of the grinding chamber
  • With the unique DYNO® Accelerator, the best product quality and the narrowest possible particle size distribution of fine particles in the range of < 100 nm can be achieved

Top quality comes from the use of high-grade materials

Maximum quality requirements, metal-free milling/dispersion, high wear resistance and long service life demands the use of only the best materials. Engineered ceramics like zirconium oxide and silicon carbide and are used for product wetted parts.