Automatic Cutting/Bundling Lines

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Bundling MultiheadsBundling/Multiheads

Types of cutTypes of cut

Sawing machines
Sawing machines with circular blade for the cutting of tubes, bars, profiles , iron material and light alloys. OMP Automatic cutting lines can have the following connections for the loading of the tubes:

– sliding loader (CS type)
– loader with belts (CM type)
– flat bed loader for soft material and/or with special shapes (P type)

The capacities, the lengths and dimensions are versatile based on the inquiries and demands specified by the customers. Standard length is anyway 6000mm. The heads of the cutting lines can be in different size and form each realised on inquiries. Our cutting lines can be connected to different unloading system of the piece cut by a switch either for the first and last piece. Each machine have an automatic systems to separate the scraps and the trim cut from the good pieces. Can also be connected to deburring/chamfering in-line machines.

Multiheads and bundling lines
Our experience in the field of the bundling lines can help to satisfy the customer in all his request.

On customers’s specifications
For different request not specified in the web site, OMP has other kind of solutions for the customer. Please feel free to contact us in order to give you a quick response.