Automated Plants for Precise Metering

The Company: Pirovano S.r.l. is a Company specialized in designing, building and installing industrial plants for fluid metering and dispensing by weight. It is active in any sector where particular care and accuracy is required in mixing different fluid components required for the recipe formulation. Our resources and energies are aimed at the research and development of innovative technologies for metering and dispensing all pumpable fluid products, from liquids to pastes, with high precision and as fast as possible. All our plants are equipped with our CONCENTRIC® metering and dispensing system, available in the following models:

One dosing device, three sizes to satisfy the various requirement

Concentric 28 56 80      Concentric 28 56 80

CONCENTRIC® is made of STAINLESS STEEL and is the latest technological development in metering and dispensing systems for fluid products available on the market. Our metering and dispensing systems actually have the exclusive feature of using articulated hydraulic-sealed joints for all circuits supplying specific valves. These joints, by letting each dosing valve sequentially lower to the central dispensing position from the peripheral parked position, allow the system to meter the number of components required by the recipe – (up to 80 products) – even into small containers – (minimum diameter 8 cm.) – without having to use the underlying scale and without limiting the maximum deliverable quantity.

Up to 80 valves converging on the same distribution point

Dosage component

Equipped with 3 concentric plugs which, activated by a central drive operating each valve, create 5 openings: 3 continuous openings (large, medium and small opening) and other 2 pulsated openings delivering drops of different dimensions and frequency enabling.

One valve, Five openings to allow high capacities and very high accuracy
Application Fields

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